[Translated from the German]

I wish to express my profound gratitude for healing, as...

I wish to express my profound gratitude for healing, as well as for many other blessings which I have received through Christian Science. I am especially grateful that through it the way to Truth was shown me. Over three years ago I became afflicted with a very serious kidney trouble and was bedridden for a year and a half. In trying to get cured I turned from one material system to another, but was made to believe that this illness was incurable and that I was doomed to die. The attendant mental suffering made me feel that the best thing for me to do might be to end my life with all its misery. To make the measure full, my supply, as I then understood it, failed as a result of the war breaking out, and I was left without income. My wife, who had always cheered me up, now became discouraged, while my physician spoke of the kidney trouble in terms which did not contribute to a better sense of things. He said that the trouble was chronic and had become incurable, though my life might be prolonged somewhat by observing a rigid diet; and this I did.

In the spring of 1915, when things looked darkest around me, I became acquainted with a Christian Science practitioner and decided to make a start on this new road to health. In the course of the first week I relinquished the dieting and ate according to appetite, which seemed a great step, as I ate the things I liked best and they seemed to agree with me. I was soon able to walk without a stick, also to stay up longer than before; though still not entirely healed, for the swelling of the legs returned. My trust was great, however, and I denied all inharmonious sense-evidence. Last Christmas there was much that had to be overcome; in fact it seemed the severest test yet, as my feet were so swollen that I could hardly walk. I spent all my time reading and working in Christian Science, and to my great joy these endeavors were crowned with success, for about the New Year the swelling disappeared almost overnight. According to the physicians this swelling could only be expelled through sweating; but I was shown that healing is possible without such a process, and today I consider myself a well man.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for the blessings received...
January 13, 1917

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