Voices in the Wilderness

It was early on a summer morning that one just awakening from sleep heard through an open window the faint, soft song of a wood-thrush from a leafy covert some half a mile distant. Remote yet clear, it fell upon the heart like the chime of bells, or like waters falling into a forest pool. After an interval of a few minutes it was repeated, its purity and sweetness like a benediction.

Years before this occurrence the listener had found Christian Science, that most precious of all things, so that the waking thought was always one of rejoicing and of thankfulness. On this occasion, as the bird's voice spoke again and again, somehow it seemed to epitomize all of the hidden beauty, the secret joy, the never-failing spring of delight which had been known since the demonstrable knowledge of God, as it is taught in Christian Science, had been found. Then there came to thought these words of the prophet Isaiah, referring to John the Baptist: "The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God." A voice crying in the wilderness, ! Such was indeed the thrush; yet out upon the world, as the light grew clearer, it carried to all listening ears its message of peace and joy and purity. Safe and secure, quite alone, around it only silence and coolness, it trilled forth from the fulness of its heart just its own song of thankfulness; and echoing perhaps in many hearts, its message found response and evoked in them love and joy and peace, which in their turn would uplift and cheer the world wherever reflected.

Gratitude of the Traveler
July 22, 1916

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