In a communication on the subject of Christian Science...

The Monrovia (Cal.) News

In a communication on the subject of Christian Science recently appearing in your paper, the writer, after saying some kindly things about the importance and truthfulness of the teaching of Christian Science as explained in a lecture given in your city under the auspices of the Monrovia Christian Science church, made objection to Christian Science because it does not in some things agree with his own beliefs. This is to be expected, for the reason that the writer of the communication referred to has confused the creedal and doctrinal statements of a medieval theology with the gospel as preached and practised by Jesus the Christ.

Christian Science has come to restore this saving and healing gospel in all its purity, power, and simplicity, and it is accomplishing its work because it is based upon the spiritual meaning of the Bible. This spiritual interpretation of the Scriptures, as given to the world by Mrs. Eddy in her book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," is provable and practical. Its results have evidently impressed your correspondent, as the reason he gave for attending the lecture was that he "wished to learn the secret of their [the Christian Scientists'] work and influence." Whatever work Christian Science is accomplishing, and whatever influence for good it exerts, is entirely because it adheres strictly to the inspired spiritual truths of the Bible. It is therefore necessarily out of agreement with all man-made methods based on doctrinal and denominational distortions of these truths and on creedal compromises of disagreeing divinity doctors,—compromises adopted in church councils by narrow majorities, as for instance the vote which fastened the Nicene creed on Christendom.

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