Worldly Philosophy

CURRENT events are causing the public to probe prevailing creeds, philosophies, systems, and so-called sciences with pitiless keenness. Mere authority and antiquity are proving no defense against these attacks. No traditional sanctity suffices to ward off the impatient questions about the meaning of life, the possibility of immortality, the presence of an overruling Providence, and kindred questions. People who have never before taken thought of these subjects are beginning to pry into their own concepts of God and man, of heaven and life eternal. They are not easily put off today with the stock objections that religion is mystical and mysterious, that God's way are inscrutable, and that to attempt to inquire into them means rebellion if not blasphemy.

Most of the questions now asked brush aside the usual defenses and go straight to the point. They keep coming ever faster and more numerous. and will not be satisfied with the usual evasions. Is there a God? If there is, what is His nature? Does He sanction sin, sickness, and death? Is He a participant in or a silent spectator of strife, fratricide, despair? Is there an overruling providence or is the universe given over to blind chance? Does the testimony of the physical senses constitute the evidence upon which final judgment as to reality must be passed? These are the questionings that will no longer "keep silence."

Passing of Matter
February 12, 1916

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