In an attack upon things in general by an evangelist,...

The Richmond (Ind.) Item

In an attack upon things in general by an evangelist, Christian Science is included with the absurd and many times refuted claim that Christian Scientists worship Mrs. Eddy. Christian Scientists are grateful to Mrs. Eddy, of course,—and why not? The Christian Science ranks are made up of those who have been healed of disease and misery after other modes of treatment had failed, and also of those who have searched in vain elsewhere for the truth about God and man and have found it in the teaching of Christ Jesus as it is spiritually interpreted in Science and Health. This has awakened a love for and a sense of gratitude to this noble woman; but any one who has even a superficial knowledge of her teaching knows that Christian Scientists worship the God of Moses and the prophets—Him whom Christ Jesus came to reveal.

A fact well known and highly commended by many in the Christian denominations who are in a position to know, is that Christian Science has made more Bible students than any other movement of modern times. The fact that Christian Scientists read the Bible daily in connection with text-book does not mean that Science and Health takes the place of the Bible, as our critic stated, and this practice could not rightfully call forth denunciation any more than could the study of the Word in connection with any of the great number of commentaries that are on the market. No one has ever heard of Christian Science denouncing or vilifying any one for preferring to accept a preacher's opinion about the Bible "with as good grace" as he would read Science and Health. Yet Christian Science has healed every known disease and all manner of sin in obedience to the Master's commands to "preach the gospel" and "heal the sick."

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