A lecturer makes a statement of his religious views as compared...

The Ogden (Utah) Standard

A lecturer makes a statement of his religious views as compared with the teachings of Christian Science. Our friend has evidently read something of Christian Science, but not studied it. When he does study it, his view on the subject will undoubtedly undergo a change. He says, "The exegesis of all the new cults is not warranted by the Greek and Hebrew." Christian Science is not a new cult, but is the religion taught and practised by Jesus of Nazareth nineteen centuries ago, a religion of love. It is the practising of the commandments of Jesus, with all that they imply,—to love God, and your neighbor as yourself,—for, as Jesus said to the inquiring lawyer, "on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."

Our friend further says, "We are told that the real man is not sick. Then why take a treatment?" The real man made in God's image and likeness, as recorded in the first chapter of Genesis, is not and can not be sick, for he is spiritual. To the mortal man, or Adam-man, sickness and disease appear real, as the physical senses testify. On page 460 of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy says: "Sickness is neither imaginary nor unreal,—that is, to the frightened, false sense of the patient. Sickness is more than fancy; it is solid conviction." But God has given man dominion over all materiality, and with this God-given power man can and does heal the sick, even as he was repeatedly commanded to do by Jesus. It is useless to attempt to decry Christian Science treatment, as its efficacy has been proved and is daily being proved by thousands of successful cases of healing of all manner of diseases.

Holding Fast
February 12, 1916

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