When Christian Science found me, I was a depressed and...

When Christian Science found me, I was a depressed and depressing invalid, spending my time largely in bed or on the couch, and leading a life of mental and physical suffering. I know now that resentment within myself not only caused a large part of my illness, but also unfitted me to cope with the problems at hand. In the terrible mental depression in which I then lived the thought of death as "surcease from sorrow" often appealed to me almost attractively, for life seemed to have become only a mockery. Several good physicians advised an operation, saying that I would never be a well woman without one. Change of scene did some good, and osteopathy seemed to help for a time, the latter being undertaken especially for a supposed curvature of the spine and sciatic rheumatism. At this time also stomach disorder developed, so that all food distressed me. As I look back upon those years of invalidism, I can see what heavy burdens my thoughts of self laid upon the dear ones who worked so hard to help me into health and happiness, and certainly my life was as much a burden to those around me as to myself.

Even the casual thought or mention of those years now is followed immediately and eagerly with the thought, deep with thankfulness and gratitude, of the "cup of cold water" that was finally offered to me, almost in fear and trembling, by a dear friend. This friend was an osteopathic physician who had labored long and earnestly to restore me to health, and who was loving enough to see finally that "a sick body is evolved from sick thoughts" (Science and Health, p. 260). I believed then, as do many people before investigating it, that Christian Science was something a little bit "queer," and felt the necessity for apologizing to my friends for becoming interested in it. Also, my mental attitude was one of condescension.

Testimony of Healing
Gratitude for what Christian Science has done for my...
February 12, 1916

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