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The finest office of the Christmas spirit would be to make us celebrate it so earnestly and generously that one day will not hold its observance. The year ought to be different for having had a Christmas before it. It ought not to be a day alone, but a year and a day. That is the really consistent Christmas, whose irrepressible spirit does not die at birth. How one has observed Christmas let succeeding months show. It can be the light of a life as well as the glow of a season. The atmosphere of friendliness may get so inbreathed that one will exhale friendliness everywhere. It would be no small mission to see that expressions of kindness were atomized into the most ordinary relations of life, particularly those of service, in which so many are held at arms' length from us. The fee of feeling happier for having served us, is the right of every one who meets our need. The gift not of condescension, but of the giver with the gift, is the prime and universal opportunity. Such a spirit makes Christmas perennial and perpetual.

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February 12, 1916

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