Some time ago, while playing lawn tennis, I slipped and...

Some time ago, while playing lawn tennis, I slipped and fell heavily on my arm, which broke under me. I at once sent for my wife, who was in the house preparing the lesson for her Sunday school class on the following day, and asked her to treat me. The result was, that I was soon free from pain and able to go in to dinner in the evening. Mrs. Eddy says that "until the advancing age admits the efficacy and supremacy of Mind, it is better for Christian Scientists to leave surgery and the adjustment of broken bones and dislocations to the fingers of a surgeon, while the mental healer confines himself chiefly to mental reconstruction and to the prevention of inflammation." She also says, "Neither philosophy nor skepticism can hinder the march of the Science which reveals the supremacy of Mind" (Science and Health, pp. 401, 209).

Those words were written about forty years ago. Since then Christian Science has been marching with rapid strides all over the world, and the age is more ready to admit the truth of Mrs. Eddy's words. I was therefore hoping to complete my demonstration. I went about my ordinary work and was able to perform my duty as usher in First Church of Christ, Scientist, London, on the Wednesday evening following the accident. At the end of the week all inflammation had gone and my arm was better, but it had not regained its normal shape, so I reluctantly called upon a surgeon and asked him to examine it. As soon as he saw my arm he asked when I had broken it, and on learning that the accident had been about a week before, he said I must have been in great pain. I asked him to set the arm, so he pulled it into shape, put it in splints, and told me that it would be a long job, and that I would have to undergo a course of massage before I got the use of my wrist and fingers.

Testimony of Healing
About twelve years ago, after seven years of illness, during...
August 7, 1915

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