Christian Science Reading-rooms

The twenty-first chapter of Revelation is one of the most inspiring chapters in the whole Bible, describing as it does the "new Jerusalem," which metaphysically interpreted stands for the perfect spiritual consciousness. We learn in Christian Science that it is only as we gain this perfect consciousness that we make any real progress. Our effort as students is to lift our thought above material phenomena and to learn that all cause and effect are mental.

Many years ago, when the writer was a very young student of Christian Science, she had an experience in a reading-room which is still shedding light upon her daily life. The room was maintained by a small church, the membership of which was composed mostly of young people, and all of them young in Christian Science. Few of the workers had really grown to the positions they were filling, but the church was doing the best it could with the means at hand. The writer was chairman of the reading-room committee, assigning different members for the various afternoons, ordering literature, and caring for the rooms generally. If for any reason the appointee could not serve, it was the chairman's duty either to get a substitute or to fill the vacancy herself.

August 7, 1915

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