Reason and Revelation

In Science and Health (p. 110) Mrs. Eddy tells us that as the truth of being dawned upon her, "reason and revelation were reconciled;" and this has been the experience of thousands who have accepted the teachings of Christian Science. Twice in my experience as a practitioner I have been asked the secret of applying the truth as we understand it in Christian Science. The first time the question came form a physician who had been observing the results of Christian Science practice, and who realized that Christian Scientists were healing those whom he and other physicians were unable to heal. He had also observed that, as he thought, the mind controls the body in some cases, and he wished to know something of its workings, that he might use it in his practice. After a brief explanation he was able to see that this was impossible, as he was working from an opposite basis to that of Christian Science, and that the two methods could not be combined.

The second inquiry came from a clergyman who was struggling with his congregation in the effort to bring them to church, but they would not come. He was also trying to get them to study the Bible, in which they had no apparent interest, and all his efforts seemed fruitless. Meanwhile some of his congregation had become Christian Scientists, and he immediately observed a deeper interest in religion on their part, and in Bible study. To him this seemed miraculous, after all his efforts, which had met with no response. One of these former members who had become a Christian Scientist took him an article on prayer one day, and after reading it the minister remarked that it was very fine, but added that there were similar articles in the papers of the church with which the Scientist had formerly been connected. This the gentleman admitted, but said that he had not read them or felt any interest in them.

Man's True Constitution
May 15, 1915

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