In January, 1913, my throat began to trouble me, but...

In January, 1913, my throat began to trouble me, but because of other cares I tried to forget about it. One morning, however, I was to all appearances much worse. The trained nurse engaged to attend my husband, who was ill, pronounced the ailment serious. She called a physician, and his verdict coincided with her own. Accordingly he injected a serum into the left shoulder, and the pain in the throat disappeared; but the trouble then seemed to lodge in the head, so that it ached terribly and I became entirely deaf. My ears also began to trouble me and the pain increased. As the doctor's medicine did not cure me, I consulted another physician, who said he could not help me, for the disease must take its course.

The physician attending me allowed the use of a drug sparingly, this being my earnest wish, and as a result the pain would disappear; but when it returned I used the drug more freely. Being previously warned against this course, also knowing the after effects on the system, and fearful of what might happen, I became so alarmed that I stopped using it. Then I turned to Christian Science, with the thought that if through its teachings others could be permanently cured, I could be also. I had heard a little about Science and knew of some wonderful healings, so I wrote to a practitioner and she gave me absent treatment, starting Jan. 22. From that date the severe pain in the ears ceased entirely, although my head and ears were still in a critical condition, being much swollen and sore.

Testimony of Healing
My heart is full of gratitude for what Christian Science...
October 2, 1915

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