[Translated from the German]

I gladly avail myself of the opportunity to express my...

I gladly avail myself of the opportunity to express my thankfulness for the benefits derived from the study of Christian Science. In October, 1914, my daughter, then thirteen years old, became afflicted with an abnormal condition of the toe-nail, and as she had been obliged to submit to an operation twice before on account of the same trouble, I seemed at first to be overcome by fear. The child, however, clung to the truth and asked to be treated in Christian Science, so we went to a practitioner, who lovingly took the case. We had severe struggles to go through, much of the difficulty being caused by my own fear, but the practitioner worked on with unflinching faith and love and kept leading us into the right way. The healing took place in the beginning of December, and great indeed was our gratitude.

Some time ago the same trouble manifested itself in my own case. This time, however, I remained firm in the consciousness of Truth, knowing that the blessings of which my daughter had been the recipient were also for me. I wrote to the practitioner and endeavored to maintain a childlike attitude of thought in order that I might quickly respond to the touch of Truth. The healing was accomplished with a single treatment,—I sensed a decidedly beneficial effect, and knew that my letter must have reached the practitioner. It would be impossible to recount all the blessings which we have received through Christian Science. Our desire is that many others may be led to accept this glorious teaching which makes us happy and contented. We are deeply thankful to God, and grateful to the Discoverer of Christian science.

From Our Exchanges
October 2, 1915

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