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The shallow optimist has said, "I don't care what happens so long as it doesn't happen to me." He is shallow because nothing happens that does not happen to him. No man can separate himself from his fellows or wholly escape the evil results of any act committed by any other. In the unity of life we are so closely bound together that no man can be hurt without injury to all. There is no event that occurs anywhere that has not its universal influence for good or ill. Sane selfishness demands that a man should care not only for what happens directly to him, but for that which indirectly just as surely affects his life and happiness. A realization of this closer interrelation of humanity will do much to create that broader sympathy and interest which is so essential in the betterment of social conditions today. The wise optimist declares, "I must care what happens, for it happens to me."

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October 2, 1915

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