In reply to the article entitled "Apostolic Gift Found...

New York Sun

In reply to the article entitled "Apostolic Gift Found Dormant, not Withdrawn," in a recent issue, permit us to call attention to the fact that both theology and medicine had been in vogue for many centuries when Jesus of Nazareth appeared on the scene, healing by spiritual means alone all manner of sin, sickness, and deformity. He even raised the dead. Doubtless most of those healed and saved had in times past resorted to material methods of some kind in the hope of finding relief, and theology and medicine in Jesus' day were doubtless put to the same shifts to explain his healing work as they are today to explain Christian Science healing to their adherents.

Jesus did not employ medicine. Despite this, however, it is not recorded that he failed to heal in a single instance. If medicine had been the way to effect this result, he certainly would have employed it. But if by spiritual means he healed cases which otherwise could not be healed, he must have had the more effective remedy. He made it known that "no man can serve two masters: . . . Ye cannot serve God and mammon." How preposterous it would be, therefore, to proceed from a material basis, with all the limitations this implies, to aid a spiritual system founded upon the scientifically Christian basis of Jesus' teachings!

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