I was troubled for eight years with a condition of the...

I was troubled for eight years with a condition of the arch of the foot. I suffered continually, and at times the pain was very severe. I could not bend my foot, and wore double braces of steel and horn all through the day. At night the foot was swollen, and the pain so acute that I could not rest. I had received practically no relief from medicine, except temporarily from an opiate or visits to the mineral springs.

About a year and a half ago I had another sudden attack, so that I could hardly walk. I limped to the telephone, called a Christian Science practitioner, and told her of my condition. She assured me that the pain would cease, and it did immediately. I prepared breakfast and did my home work, and suffered no pain from that time. About ten days later I dressed to go out and walked for three miles, but it did not tire my foot at all. When I returned home I discovered that I had forgotten the braces. Now I can stand on my toes, something which I had not done for years. I had no faith in Christian Science when I turned to it, but said that when in pain I would call on a practitioner and test it. It has stood the test, for I have had no further trouble with my feet since I had treatment. I am thankful every day for what Christian Science has done for me.

August 15, 1914

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