In the hope that an account of my healing may help others,...

In the hope that an account of my healing may help others, I will give my experience of God's love and power. A beloved one first told me of Christian Science after I had been to a second oculist, for a serious trouble had arisen about my sight, and operations (two at least on each eye) were considered a certainty. This was in July, 1904, and the time fixed for the first operation was October; but when I went for a final examination it was found there was nothing left on which to operate. The growths had mostly disappeared as a result of the healing power of Truth. I knew that the sight was much clearer, but had not realized that I was healed, though all fear had gone. The surgeon appeared to be very much surprised, for he kept repeating, "It is wonderful." Science and Health had been given me in August, when reading was not easy, but I grasped enough of the truth in those six weeks to see that divine Mind is the great and only power, that God, and God alone, is the healer; and this must have been the saving thought. I am thankful to say that my sight is good, and I see without the aid of glasses.

At that time I was also suffering from so-called hereditary rheumatic gout, with its attendant pain and the inconvenience of dieting (which often meant semistarvation when I was away from home). That has also disappeared, though not so quickly, and hands and feet have gradually regained their original shape. There has been no recurrence of this ailment, though now for years I have eaten any ordinary food without considering possible effect, as in times past.

Testimony of Healing
It would be impossible for me to enumerate all the blessings...
August 15, 1914

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