"Compensation is no more important to a Christian Scientist...

Boston (Mass.) Journal

"Compensation is no more important to a Christian Scientist than it is to a preacher or a doctor, but he has the same right to it that they have. For one who is able to heal the sick by prayer, to do so and to receive payment for that service no more tends to commercialize religion than paying salaries to judges tends to commercialize justice. All thinking people ought to be able to see that Christian Science healing without compensation would be just as objectionable to those who oppose it as it would be with compensation. The outcry made about compensation is simply a method of opposition."

With these statements Judge Clifford P. Smith sprang to the defense of New York Christian Scientists who are endeavoring to have the court of appeals of New York reverse the decision of the appellate division of the supreme court in the case of a Christian Science practitioner of New York city, a healer, who had been convicted before Justice Seabury of practising medicine without a license and fined on hundred dollars. Judge Smith continued:—

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