A recent writer criticizes Christian Science on the grounds...

West Kent Argus

A recent writer criticizes Christian Science on the grounds that it is at once unorthodox and illogical. In these circumstances, I am sure you will permit me to examine the value of this contention. Orthodoxy is a mere chameleon, if ever there was one. It has changed with every century, but that has never deterred the orthodox who have just come out of the Egypt of heterodoxy, from attempting to perpetuate all the brutalities of orthodox Egypt on heterodox Philistia. Let us leave the past with its record of fagots and racks, thumb-screws and branding-irons, to the execration of history, and come for our example to the present.

If there is any point on which orthodoxy has staked its infallibility, it has been the creeds. For merely questioning the truth of these dogmatic utterances untold thousands of lives have been rendered miserable, and untold thousands sacrificed. Today the question whether the Athanasian creed shall be banished from the services of the Established Church, is deliberately argued in convocation, and the Times throws open its columns to attacks upon its use, in which the bishops who voted for its retention are criticized for attempting to make black white by proposing to limit the repetition of a lie to one Sunday in the year.

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