Cheerful Giving

"God loveth a cheerful giver" just as surely today as when Paul proclaimed this joyous truth to the Corinthians; and the results of one's giving are the same, for "as he purposeth in his heart," he shall reap "sparingly" or "bountifully." Because of the common acceptance of matter as the basis of everything, mortals have long been accustomed to believe that only those possessing an abundance of material things, money or goods, could give to any purpose, while quite the contrary is often true. All that will eventually be found worth while, either to give or to receive, is the heavenly treasure, the things of Spirit, to which matter cannot add its minus quantity.

The test of true giving is not what specific thing is given, but how it is given, "grudgingly, or of necessity," or freely and in the spirit of love. Of the widow who cast into the treasury her two mites, Jesus said she had given more than the many who were rich and had cast in much, "for all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had." Thus he endeavored to bring home the futility of giving for display or to ease conscience, and set above it the giving of a grateful heart. It is not always of avail to give money, unless the understanding of true riches goes with such giving. Dependence upon persons rather than upon God, mental laziness, and dishonesty are often fostered by promiscuous giving. One can never give too much, however, of the understanding of Love. If God given thoughts, motives, inspirations always went before our giving of things, whatsoever we gave, be it much or little, would never fail to help and bless.

Our Daily Prayers
August 15, 1914

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