Christian Science was first brought to my attention about...

Christian Science was first brought to my attention about six years ago. I did not turn to it for healing, although I was in very poor health at the time. From early childhood I had medical treatment for a bowel disorder which never left me, except for a short time when I first came to Colorado. The medicine used would seem to answer the need for a while, then would lose its effect, and I would try something else with like results. I was also subject to neuralgia, but my greatest trouble was imperfect action of the heart. This condition seemed to make me very weak. Once I fell unconscious, and at another time I was under the doctor's care for two hours before normal action was regained. The physician claimed it was caused by the high altitude.

In 1900 I went to Europe. While there, I felt well and strong, and continued so for a year or two after coming home; then the old ills came back. Although the heart disease never returned in such an alarming form, still I was weak and in constant dread of anything which I believed might bring it on again. Five years later I spent three months in Oregon, and this also seemed beneficial for a time; but no permanent results were obtained. Finally, I was led to consult a Christian Science practitioner for advice and help on a matter that was troubling me at that time, and she kindly loaned me a copy of Science and Health, also some Sentinels and other literature. I became so interested that I forgot the medicine I had been taking daily, forgot everything but the wondrous truths I had found.

Testimony of Healing
During the summer of 1911, through the reading of our...
August 15, 1914

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