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[Rev. H. S. McClelland, B.A., in The Christian Commonwealth]

If you are truly conscious of an intense desire for righteousness, God is intensely manifest in that desire. If you are sincerely following after the things that are true and good and beautiful, you already possess, within the depths of your being, the surest witness of His presence that the human heart can know. Nor is the day far distant when you will find yourself compelled to acknowledge that your love for the true and the good and the beautiful is the revelation within you of one who Himself is beauty, goodness, and truth. But that vision will come to you, O lover of righteousness, not as the sudden flash of the lightning that blinds the startled sleeper in the valley, but rather as the morning sunshine that softly creeps across the heavens and lights up the face of the traveler already moving toward the dawn. Pray for the coming of that hour. Live in the hope of it, for most surely it will come.

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August 15, 1914

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