Will you permit me to point out once more that there is no...

Newcastle (England) Weekly Chronicle

Will you permit me to point out once more that there is no connection between suggestion of any sort and Christian Science? I am driven to this because of an article recently published in your paper, entitled "How to Get On," which argues that Christian Science is a phase of "self-hypnotism." There are, of course, about as many definitions of suggestion as Huxley once said there were of religion, that is to say, there is a definition for each definer. Ultimately, however, the thing comes to this, that suggestion is the attempt to instill certain beliefs into the consciousness which will produce a change of thought. Self-hypnotism, then, is really largely a form of self-deception, but inasmuch as a person acts in accordance with that self-deception, it has a very pronounced effect. Under the influence of self-hypnotism, that is to say, all sorts of changes may be rung on the gamut of effect, but the causes remain absolutely untouched. That is one of the numerous dangers connected with it.

Christian Science, on the other hand, relegates effects to their proper place, and scientifically deals with causes. You may, by a process of hypnotism, turn a patient's thought temporarily into a new channel, but you will not affect the cause of disease. In Christian Science you attack the cause of disease itself, through a scientific understanding of the absolute fact of its non-existence. It is here that the necessity arises for an understanding of the unreality of matter, as taught in Christian Science, and generously perverted by the critics of that teaching.

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