In the Times of recent date appeared an article, "Is...

The Denver (Col.) Times

In the Times of recent date appeared an article, "Is Mind over Matter a Truth or a Fallacy?" The writer of this article, while faintly conceding some power to mind, takes the position that the basis of life is physical, and that mind is the servant of the body. As this writer disparages healing by reliance on mind, a brief comment from a Christian Science standpoint is submitted.

It will be apparent at once that mind is either superior to matter or it is not. There can be no middle ground or uncertain strivings. If it can be shown, even in one instance, that mind controls the body, the question is settled. The demonstration of the superiority of mind in one instance, shows conclusively the possibility of the power of mind in all instances. Thus Columbus by one voyage demonstrated the error of all previous conceptions of the earth; and Morse, by one slender wire between Baltimore and Washington, revolutionized the means of communication. The life of Jesus proved conclusively the control of Spirit over the universe, and the body of man as well. He healed the sick, raised the dead, quelled the storm, appeared behind closed doors, and arose from the dead, because he knew the laws of Mind which govern all things.

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