In the spring of 1910, Christian Science was brought to...

In the spring of 1910, Christian Science was brought to my notice by a kind neighbor, who told me of her healing. I realized that it was what I needed and what I had been longing for all my life, as I had never been well. I had gone through two serious operations for an abnormal growth, and was told I would have to undergo a third. I forthwith took up the study and engaged the help of a Christian Science practitioner. In two months I was free from suffering and was happy and contented, with a song of joy and praise in my heart continually.

In the summer of 1912, I was taken with a disease called jaundice, and in a very severe form. I suffered a great deal of pain, my flesh turned a deep yellow, and I could not retain my food. The fear of death was in the thought of those around me, but through it all, with the loving help of a Christian Science practitioner, I had no thought of fear, knowing well that God is my strength and my life. My husband was very anxious about me and begged me to take some medicine, so to help allay his fears I consented, but my stomach refused to retain it. I then told my husband I could not serve two masters, and that I knew medicine could not heal me; that God would heal me if we would only trust in Him and have no fear. After two weeks of patient care and help from the practitioner, I was able to take a long journey out of the state, traveling two nights and three days on the train, with no thought of fear or fatigue.

Testimony of Healing
I came to Christian Science to be healed of deafness, from...
October 10, 1914

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