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The Atlantic Deeper Waterways Association convention, recently in session in New York city, protested against the stopping of work on those Hudson river improvements which are to connect New York city with the barge canal system at Troy, and which are to provide suitable connection from the barge canal to Canada. Work on the barge canal has been going on for some years. Other projects besides the completing of this canal must be carried out if the canal is to be of the greatest service possible. Various improvements have been made at Troy for the last eighty years. At one time about seventeen million dollars was expended to secure a depth in the Hudson river of nine feet from Troy to Albany. At another time a twelve-foot channel one hundred and fifty feet wide was built at a cost of five million five hundred thousand dollars. The present project, adopted in 1910, provides for a channel twelve feet deep at all stages, from deep water to Waterford, a distance of about thirty-nine miles.

Owing to the failure of the United States to approve of regulations governing the taking of food fish in boundary waters, the Canadian government is about to serve notice that it resumes its liberty of action. A treaty was made between the two countries six years ago for the appointment of a joint commission to frame fishing regulations applicable to boundary waters from the Atlantic to the Pacific. A set of regulations was agreed upon. Canada approved of them, but the United States failed to do so, owing chiefly, it was said, to objections from lake fishermen. In 1912 Canada gave notice that unless the regulations were approved at the next session of Congress, Canada would resume liberty of action.

Fear of Ill Obliterated
October 10, 1914

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