Fear of Ill Obliterated

Twenty-Three centuries of readers have had the opportunity to become familiar with the story of Damocles, whom history records as a sycophant in the court of Dionysius, known as tyrant of Syracuse. The story runs that the monarch caused a sword suspended by a single hair to hang threateningly over the head of Damocles throughout a lengthy banquet to which he had been invited. Both ancients and moderns have gathered many lessons from this incident. Indeed, every reader is likely to draw lessons from it to apply to himself, for men seem to be prone to people their landscapes with both large and little fears.

We find in the writings of the ancients which have been preserved, a great amount of moralizing upon the strange enigmas present then as now in human existence. Some of their moralizing was of a very high and noble character, and richly deserves and repays perusal. It remained, however, for the teachings of Jesus, which he proved through his works to be true, to throw the revealing light upon the mysteries which seem to environ human experience.

Giving Testimony
October 10, 1914

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