In replying to Dr. Atkinson, allow me to thank him for...

Bexhill (England) Observer

In replying to Dr. Atkinson, allow me to thank him for the kindly tone of his last letter, which I am sure he will not feel we deserve the less when I assure him that Christian Science teaches the strictest attention to cleanliness and proper sanitary surroundings, together with absolute compliance with the demands of the law with regard to infectious diseases, etc. Christian Science does more than this, however; it not only requires a clean exterior and surroundings, but requires that thought shall also come under this strict surveillance.

On page 419 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mrs. Eddy wrote, nearly forty years ago, "Lurking error, lust, envy, revenge, malice, or hate will perpetuate or even create the belief in disease." To this fact the scientific world is gradually awakening; but I would point out to our critic that until the importance of mental regeneration is seen in the prophylactic and therapeutic arts, the arrangements that are made for the public safety do not begin to be complete; and further, any system that does not recognize this in its activities, falls far short of its object. It is evident that our critic has failed to perceive that Christian Science and faith-healing are not by any stretch of imagination synonymous. Faith-healing is built upon that reliance in God which confidently trusts that God will come to the aid of the sufferer without the perception on the part of the suppliant of the laws and means already provided for the salvation of mankind from sin and sickness. Christian Science, on the contrary, recognizes in the procedure of Jesus, the great Physician, an understanding and fulfilment of the divine laws of healing, which unchangeable laws are applicable to the needs of today and must be recognized and employed.

September 27, 1913

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