GUESSING is a characteristic of the mortal or carnal mind. The one divine intelligence or Mind alone knows all things. Mortal mind knows nothing that is absolutely real, perfect, or eternal. Its so-called knowing or knowledge is purely relative or temporal. It knows nothing of God, "for to be carnally minded is death;" hence a mortal's need of a Saviour to show him how to rid himself of mortal mind.

Christ Jesus came to show mankind how to be rightminded, how to get into touch with that which thinks and knows spiritually. It must be admitted that Jesus never advocated the popular theory of minds many, capable of thinking both good and evil. He never taught that brain is the seat of consciousness or intelligence. It is obvious that he had an entirely different view of the human economy from that entertained by mortals. He did not look into any temporal structure for volition, consciousness, intelligence, life, or mind. He possessed an understanding of Truth gained by no ancient or modern school of philosophy, and it was this understanding which enabled him to annul so-called material law and testimony. It was this understanding which antagonized and still continues to antagonize the materialistic and religious thought of professing Christians. If his understanding of the nothingness of matter was demonstrable and therefore correct, the question arises, Why should those who profess to love Christ, reject his teaching? The answer is plain, "The carnal mind is enmity against God," and "not subject to the law of God." With no real intelligence to think right, its only alternative is to guess or surmise as to the nature of both Spirit and matter.

November 2, 1912

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