Some time ago I was suffering greatly from what the...

Some time ago I was suffering greatly from what the physicians called an extreme nervous condition, with all its attendant ills. Indeed, it seemed to me I had almost all the ills that "flesh is heir to." My stomach was so affected that I could eat only certain kinds of food, taken in a limited quantity at regular intervals. I was filled with fear and could not sleep well. At least six doctors were employed, but I steadily grew worse. I read books on "faith-cure" and mental suggestion, etc., but was not helped. I then heard of Christian Science, and begged my mother to let me try it. With her consent I did so, and after one treatment the stomach trouble disappeared and I began to eat whatever was set before me. The treatment was continued for a time, and I read Science and Health and other Christian Science literature, with the result that I was perfectly healed,—I emerged from a gloomy sense of existence into a world of light and beauty.

Since that time I have been so well and happy that it is a matter of comment among my friends. Soon after coming into Christian Science my hands were badly chapped, but I overcame this condition by realizing for myself God's allness and the perfection of all that is real, although I was urged by members of my family and school friends to use material means. I am helped daily, and in every way, through my growing understanding of Christian Science. I attend the Sunday school and am deeply grateful for this opportunity to learn more of God, "who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases."

October 26, 1912

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