[Translated from the German.]

It is with a sense of deep humility that I avail myself of...

It is with a sense of deep humility that I avail myself of this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to God, through whom my thought has been enlightened and I have been freed from my infirmities. My thought also turns to Mrs. Eddy, that great and noble woman whose untiring efforts in behalf of her fellow beings will be a constant inspiration to me and make me strive to put her teachings into practise. The experience which follows may prove encouraging to many who are taking up the study of Christian Science.

After I had been in Science but a short time, I applied for help, as I was afflicted with a swelling on my back which extended from the shoulder-bone to the waist, and had caused me inconvenience for the past seventeen years. At the time when it was forming the physician told me that it would continue to grow larger, and pointed to an operation as the only means of its removal. As I could not make up my mind to have this done, I resorted to medicine and had treatment for ten years, though without success. Then I had massage for a couple of years, besides trying other and drastic remedies, but the growth could not be checked. After the first treatment in Christian Science it was lessened, but somehow I rendered the healing process difficult, as I seemed unable to realize the fact that I was being freed from my affliction. In trying to help others I seemed to succeed in the majority of cases, while my endeavor for myself seemed abortive. Still I was being led into the right way with so much kindness and compassion that God's power eventually became manifest in my own case, that is, the solidified condition which appeared to be the result of various growths combined was dissolved.

Testimony of Healing
My purpose in sending in my testimony to the Sentinel is...
October 26, 1912

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