It has been well borne in upon mankind that there is no excellency without labor. In Christian Science, also, industry is a very desirable quality for the individual who hopes to progress steadily and maintain his growth. It is all very well for us to rely on the labors of others in our behalf, when we are beginners in Science and know not how to work for ourselves; but this cannot go on indefinitely, or the individual will miss the experiences meant for his growth and advancement. We learn in Science that Truth gives us our work to do; but if we do not do our work day by day as it comes to us, if we have relied on others to shield us from experiences that should have been ours alone, then there is a sudden and perhaps disagreeable awakening for us when we discover that we are unequipped for the impending task.

With this awakening will come the realization that each must work out his own salvation; that another cannot possibly do it for us. When this point is reached the individual is ready to welcome work in Christian Science. Trials will not then be regarded as calamities, but as blessed opportunities to learn the power of Truth over error, to gain experience, to see Truth at work, to advance in Christian Science, The student is no longer a mental parasite. He does not beg, plead, or whine over error, but he works out of it, rejoicing that he has the opportunity to do so, and happy in the knowledge that the exercise of his spiritual faculties will strengthen them. It must not be assumed, of course, that we are never to avail ourselves of the assistance which our Christian Science friends or a practitioner may render us as special occasion may demand it, but habitually to rely upon the labors of others to solve our problems is wholly to unfit ourselves for their solution.

October 26, 1912

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