Not long ago I was involved in a business transaction in...

Not long ago I was involved in a business transaction in which a man was inclined to take an advantage, and which would mean a heavy financial loss to me unless I could raise quite a sum of money by a certain time. I had tried in many ways to collect some funds which were due me, but without avail. I took the matter up in Christian Science about two weeks before the final transaction was to take place, and worked faithfully to the extent of my understanding, but seemingly without making very much progress.

The morning of the day arrived, and the matter did not appear any clearer to me than at any other time, but my wife and I read over the Lesson-Sermon together, as is our custom, and I started for my office. After going a few blocks, the feeling came over me that I did not want to go by the direct route I was accustomed to take, so I turned off and went another way. Somehow I wanted to be alone, and as I walked along the street, with the matter still very much upon my mind, I began my Science work again, for I could not bring myself to believe that it was right for me to be deprived of that which was rightfully mine. I realized that there could be no loss in divine Mind; that as God's spiritual child, I was guided by that Mind and therefore could not suffer loss. I held firmly to this thought, and almost before I knew it found myself quietly humming a tune. For a few minutes I did not recognize the air, but soon the words of a hymn by Emily F. Seal (Hymnal, p. 181) came to me,—

Testimony of Healing
For many years I was an invalid. My sufferings were...
October 26, 1912

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