It is with inexpressible joy and gratitude to God, and also...

It is with inexpressible joy and gratitude to God, and also to our beloved Leader, that I send my testimony, for there is no part of my life untouched by the hallowed influence of Christian Science, and as freely I have received, I would freely give, longing for all to know the possibility of perfect healing. I was all my life a church-member, and for many years was an active worker; yet I was spiritually unsatisfied. secretly yearning for a God who did not wound, but healed. I was for twenty years the victim of spinal disease, also serious abdominal and stomach trouble, which a critical internal operation failed to relieve. Mentally confused, I tried to kiss in faith the hand that held the chastening rod, believing it to be God's will that I should suffer for all time. Thus the gloomy years of agony and tears dragged on, while I longed for death to free me from this condition. But deliverance was near; Christian Science with healing in its wings came to me, and as a practical uplifting religion it appealed to me, then delivered me from fear and depression. When, however, I was told by a dear Christian Scientist that it was possible for me to be well, I simply gasped with astonishment. She loaned me a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and I began to study it, and the half of what it has done I am unable to tell. It is over three years since the healing balm of Truth completed its work, and I have remained well, active, and happy. What freedom, after years of doctoring followed by strict hygienic treatment! But the physical benefit, although great, is insignificant compared with the spiritual illumination. the understanding of God as everpresent good, that only the good is true, and the true good.

I am daily learning more of the truth which frees from all inharmony, entering more fully into the peace of God which passeth knowledge, and I now enjoy the glorious liberty which is the right of every child of God, who is doing exceeding abundantly, above all that I had asked or even thought of. I have been tenderly guided to give all my time to leading the sick and sorrowful into the sunlight, and last year it was my great privilege to receive class instruction from one of Mrs. Eddy's students. I know that Christian Science heals, for whereas I was sick, now I am well, and I know that "God with us" is the only physician who never fails. I am daily proving the fulfilment of the promises in the Bible of the holy Comforter, which promises are fulfilled in Christian Science. By the help of our text-book the Bible has become a new book to me, filled with Life and light and health. I now know something of what the Master meant when he said, "The kingdom of God is within you," and I am indeed thankful, thankful to God who is Love, and that our revered Leader so dwelt "in the secret place of the most High" that He could use her in the work of freeing mankind from sin, disease, and death. I am very grateful for the Lesson-Sermons, for all our literature, and for the realization in Christian Science that all things are possible to God, who is the same "yesterday, and to day, and for ever."

September 2, 1911

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