Can a man pursue spiritual aims while following a business life, is a question often asked. It would seem to be answered in the affirmative by the evidence we daily have of business men pursuing "the things not seen." The further question might follow, Is such pursuit detrimental to his business? This also is fully answered by what we see around us. There are so many instances of business men who are not supported by a knowledge of the teachings of Christian Science, breaking under the strain of business. Men who strive, push, work, give and take, ask no quarter in business, until suddenly their physical strength is exhausted; there is no reserve force left—nothing left to fall back on, no Principle, no God! Then they drop everything, leave all at a moment's notice, and are off to some remote region to try to win back a temporary relief. Thus they work by fits and starts, with nothing real to depend on, no reliance anywhere.

By contrast we see a fast increasing class of men,—hardworking men of business, too,—often beset by cares and difficulties, but always cheerful, with some hidden means of support, some wonderful reserve power, seemingly, that they draw upon; for they are always at their posts, always serene and masters of themselves. Where do they go to renew those founts of energy? We find them sometimes—any time—in the middle of a business day, perhaps, quietly going over the Lesson-Sermon in a Christian Science reading-room downtown. In the street below the rattle and crash of traffic is ceaseless, but it does not disturb the peace and harmony of this quiet haven. Now we know whence their vitality—their strength and serenity. We know, too, that they can spare this time or any time they choose to take in their business day. They have been early at work, clear-headed and alert, open to those guidings of divine Mind that ever accompany the scientific godly man who has learned from Mrs. Eddy's writings that "transformation of the body by the renewal of Spirit" (Science and Health, p. 241) is a present possibility.

Into the heaven of Thy heart, O God,...
July 15, 1911

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