I have long wished to give a statement of my healing in...

I have long wished to give a statement of my healing in Christian Science. My blessings have been so many that words fail to express them. Over five years ago I turned to Christian Science for physical help, not at that time realizing how much more I needed the spiritual. Because I could not think of God as a corporeal being, I felt that I did not believe in Him. A God who created and then punished His offspring, I could neither believe in nor love. At length I was led to Christian Science, and during my second treatment, which was present, I found what I had long sought, a glimpse of what God is. After eight treatments my condition was so improved that I discontinued them, although I was not in what is termed a perfectly normal state of health. Overjoyed that I too could believe in God, I dwelt in this uplifted state of consciousness for weeks afterward, thinking very little of the material body, desiring above all else more knowledge of this truth, and knowing that the healing would follow as a divinely natural result; that man as the idea of God, governed harmoniously by Principle, would unfold to my consciousness in proportion to the understanding gained. Jesus said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

A question I had been asking for years was this: What is God? I felt satisfied for the first time when the practitioner replied, "God is good. Good is Mind" (Science and Health, p. 113). I commenced to understand when I knew that the omnipotent, invisible good is always with us, and that man is in His image and likeness, spiritual, not material. This knowledge gained, it served to lift me from darkness into light, from doubt and fear of sin and disease to confidence in God. From the first I knew I had found the truth, and even had my healing not followed as a result, this would not have shaken my faith, for I realized that Truth never fails. I tell of the spiritual uplifting first, for it has always been the most important to me; not that I would undervalue the physical healing, for it is the proof that the truth in Science and Health is the same that Jesus taught and demonstrated. He said that if we believed not the word, we should believe for the works' sake, and in gratitude for this proof of the truth, I give this testimony.

To grow a little wiser day by day,...
July 15, 1911

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