So eagerly have I scanned the testimonials of healing in...

So eagerly have I scanned the testimonials of healing in the Christian Science periodicals that I can no longer withhold an acknowledgment of Truth's healing power. From a material view-point my whole life had been filled with disappointments because of the lack of physical strength to carry out my hopes and ambitions. I suffered from nervous collapses, bilious attacks, rheumatism, and many other ills, among which was a throat trouble that physicians declared could be cured only by living in a certain climate. For a while the change improved the throat condition; but a serious stomach disorder developed, and after months of dieting and doctoring with no results, I had a most severe attack of neuralgia. It became necessary to extract one of my teeth, and an anesthetic was used. Being in such a weakened condition, I could not throw off the effects of the poison, and for five months I lingered between life and death. During this time I was not able to leave my bed except for a wheel-chair. No words could describe the suffering of that long siege. Physicians of all schools were consulted; I was taken to medical springs, only to return more hopeless and helpless than when I started from home. The last medical doctor employed bade me pray that he might find some remedy which might bring me relief. After thirty or forty different medicines had been tried, he then told me that all that he could do was to leave me in the hands of a just God.

I pondered over the healing work done when Christ Jesus was on earth, and saw the inconsistency of attempting to heal with medicine and then to turn to God. I could but believe that the healing was for this generation the same as for those who chanced to be on earth when the Christ walked among men. As kind friends came to minister to us in our long siege of affliction, and expressed the hope that I might soon be better, my heart would cry out for something more than the expression of a hope. I longed to know what that something was, to know it for myself and then give it to every suffering creature in existence. We had now given up all hope of any benefit being derived from medicine, and although we had heard of Christian Science, I had no thought of turning to it; still I was clinging to the hope of being healed by some unseen power. We had unfortunately been prejudiced against Christian Science by people who professed to be Scientists, but who had failed to grasp its teaching. Various experiments followed, but with no permanent results.

Testimony of Healing
During 1907 and the fore part of 1908 I was to mortal...
July 15, 1911

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