The first few years in Christian Science are sometimes spent in overcoming error, in demonstrating over the illusions of sense and in the elimination of the material sense of selfhood. Then comes a time of fruition, of peace and hope! While resting securely in this newly found haven, the storms of passion temporarily cease, and the bark of life is anchored in peaceful waters. Then through the quiet of a consecrated consciousness comes the command, "Friend, go up higher"! We are bidden to rise to a higher plane, to scale the highest peaks of holiness, to reach the very dome of the spiritual universe; and our mental pathway lies through infinite space.

As thought reverts to the parable which tells of the man who sat in the lowest place from choice, we see that humility is a necessity. But the master of the feast, wishing to reward him for his self-effacement, summous him to a higher position, even at his own right hand. Now this change of place would involve greater, activity on the part of the one so summoned. His words must be more carefully chosen; his new associates must find him equal to the rank to which he has been exalted. Humility in the lowest place was a necessity; humility in the highest is a grace. Human pride will sometimes shrink from advancement, saying, "Now I shall be called upon to do more." Under the guise of humility self will say, "Oh, I prefer to remain unknown and forgotten." But why? In order to have an easy time? To such a one the voice of the Master comes not in invitation, but as a command, "Friend, go up higher"!

July 15, 1911

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