It is generally admitted that Christian Scientists have a wonderful trust in the power of God to protect them under all circumstances; indeed the complaint is sometimes made that they carry this too far when they cease to rely upon material remedies. In most cases, however, it was the failure of material means to cure or even to relieve their sufferings which impelled them to seek spiritual means through Christian Science, and as the healing came, quickly in some instances, and surely even if slowly in many others, it would have been simply illogical to go back to that which had failed. It is quite true that we do not at once rise above all dependence upon materiality, our mental training prior to our acceptance of Christian Science having done little or nothing in the way of bringing out reliance upon God and spiritual law, but at each step of his progress the sincere student finds that there is absolutely no risk in doing what the psalmist advised so long ago, namely, "Trust in him [God] at all times."

The Christian Scientist never believes in faith without works, only his "works" are not of a material character, so far as the working out of his salvation from sin or sickness is concerned. In this effort he studies constantly what is said in the Bible concerning the "works" of Christ Jesus, and his demand that every faithful follower should do like works, or even "greater." The Christian Scientist also finds it necessary to study diligently the message of Truth to this age, as found in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, that he may avail himself to the utmost of the protection of divine Truth and Love. He must know how humanity can best lay hold upon the divine aid in every problem of every day.

October 1, 1910

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