The day when anything but reason can be applied to...

Central Michigan Times

The day when anything but reason can be applied to a religious discussion has passed. In this country religious freedom is guaranteed, and an attempt to drive out a sect by others is in contradiction of the very life and purpose of the one they profess to follow. Too much charity cannot be shown. Reason will in time correct these false ideals, if indeed they be false, or it will prove their truth, if they be true. I am sorry, indeed, that the pastors of that city "where life is worth living" should unite in such narrow and unjust warfare upon a sister society.

Christ Jesus said that a tree should be judged by its fruit. By that measure why should Christian Scientists be denounced? Should I denounce as an awful thing all the creeds and the sects which disagree with me? Are we to fight constantly those who do not understand as we do? If their work is the betterment of the race, I care not how much they may differ from me, we should reach out a hand of fellowship. Time may prove that they were as near the truth as we are. Remember that charity is the highest grace of Christianity, according to the great Teacher, who said, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."

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