In 1902 I saw the first ray of light in the form of a...

In 1902 I saw the first ray of light in the form of a copy the Christian Science Sentinel. I had been a sufferer for seven years and was just ready to give up. I had been under some kind of medical treatment all of the time; had tried baths, electricity, and change of climate, but all of these things seemed to have a tendency to drag me down, until I was so weak and thin that I attracted attention wherever I went. At last I was so ill that I could not walk, and the doctors said I could not get well, as I had a growth which was located where they could not operate. I was told that I had a disease which was absorbing the blood, and my heart gave me a great deal of trouble. I could not eat or sleep, and was very unhappy, as I had no hope of ever getting well. also suffered from rheumatic and stomach disorders.

I found out by reading the Sentinel that I could be healed through Christian Science, so my husband bought a copy of that wondrous book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and we began to read it. As first I was so very weak that I could scarcely hold the book, but I would read as long as I could, and then wait patiently for my husband to get through with his work so that he could read to me. I soon engaged a Christian Science practitioner, one who I knew had been doing what seemed to me very wonderful healing, and after a comparatively short time I was entirely healed. I had suffered for seven years, though I tried everything I heard of, and I gave each remedy a fair trial. My healing in Christian Science was a little slow, but to think that I now am in perfect health is wonderful.

I have never taken any medicine since I first began the treatment, as I was always able to meet every circumstance by the application of Christian Science,—the truth pure and unadulterated. I always said that Christian Science would heal me, or nothing else would; and it did. I thank God, and I thank Mrs. Eddy, for Christian Science.

August 7, 1909

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