Before coming into Christian Science I had no church...

Before coming into Christian Science I had no church home, as I could not harmonize my thought of God with that which was preached by the popular church. Yet I was not an infidel, for I believed in a Supreme Being, a higher intelligence that governed the universe and man. Like Thomas I demanded, Show me God, what He is, and where to be found I wanted a God who was love, more tender than any earthly parent; not a God of destruction, who gave all the heartaches of which men accused Him. Yet I lived on in mystery, hoping for the revelation which I felt sure would come. I studied the Bible only to be able to argue against everlasting punishment, predestination, ritualism, etc., all of which was not pleasant or lovable to think of, but I did want all to grow in grace here and hereafter. I had been taught that at death the body was like a bird's nest. The better part of each had departed to a higher realm.

When I went to Chicago in August, 1898, I determined to investigate Christian Science before returning. I was planning for an opportunity to do this alone when, quite to my surprise, a very dear lady, one of Mrs. Eddy's students, called at the home where I was visiting. I at once recognized what I called the working of God in answer to my desire to know the truth about Christian Science, and I made quick use of the opportunity to ask questions. I was told that the whole truth was in the Bible, as Jesus taught it, and that Science and Health was the "Key" which would show to the world that the Bible was no longer a sealed book, but that it was the word of God to man, the chart of life, revealing God and His Christ, and man as God's image or reflection. She told me of the Ten Commandments, that they were all in one, and one in all. She led me to Christ's Sermon on the Mount, then to the eight chapter of Romans, and showed me how Christian Science was a practical religion—telling me to seek, and I should find; strive, and I would enter.

August 7, 1909

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