... The wide-reaching influence of this notable woman...

Mexican Herald

... The wide-reaching influence of this notable woman [Mrs. Eddy] is manifested in the extension of Christian Science to all parts of the habitable globe. As much a philosophy as a religion, this new faith undoubtedly meets the spiritual needs of a great and growing body of men and women. It certainly appears to make for serenity of mind, to banish the modern demon of worry, and so to promote health and cheerfulness. Its influence has extended into other denominations, so that one sees the Episcopalians adopting what is termed psychotherapy, while other forms of mind and faith-healing are being taken up by clergymen of various Protestant sects. If Christian Science had not been known, we should not have seen these flattering imitations.

Mrs. Eddy has been ridiculed—the modern form of persecution; she has had her life examined microscopically, and no one in these latter years has been subjected to a more minute scrutiny; but she emerges from it all a powerful and strangely interesting personality, and takes rank in our times with that other remarkable woman, the empress dowager of China,—to compare women quite unlike, yet similar in their prominence and provocation of world-comment. The quiet, persistent, indefatigable New England woman of good descent has come to be revered by devoted disciples from England to South Africa, and from Argentina to Russia. It is one of the most singular phenomena of our times.

September 19, 1908

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