Christian Science is the practical demonstration of Christianity...

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Christian Science is the practical demonstration of Christianity which was preached, taught, and practised by Jesus of Nazareth centuries ago, and it has no partnership with the several forms of mental suggestion that are mentioned by our critic. Christian Science gives men a clearer understanding of God as ever-present divine Love. It illumines thought, and thus aids one in comprehending the Holy Writings and understanding God's plan of redemption, as illustrated by His Son, Christ Jesus. Its teaching purifies motive, uplifts the standard of morals, purges out sin, sensuality, and superstition, and thus transforms and reforms the sinner and heals the sick. A man who has been healed by Christian Science is a better man in every way and is worth more to his family and to the commonwealth. I agree with our critic where he says, "The whole man—body, mind, and soul—needs to be saved by the atoning blood of the Son of God from the curse of sin," for that is just what Christian Science is to-day accomplishing.

In the Milwaukee Wisconsin, Dr. Edmund F. Burton tells why he gave up the practice of medicine and surgery to devote himself to Christian Science work. Among other remarkable things that came under his observation he mentions the following: "For about fifteen months I studied the theory of Christian Science and investigated its results. As I read and investigated I found it not difficult to be convinced that it might do away with the use of drugs in the treatment of disease; partly because I knew that medical men everywhere were coming to place less and less reliance upon drugs, that I myself had found their power most uncertain, and partly because from my own experience I welcomed the doing away with such dangerous tools. As to surgery, I was much more slow in believing that mental treatment could be of any use, and it was not until I came to understand the real Principle upon which Christian Science is based that I understood that it will eventually do away with operative surgery as well as the demand for it. I myself have seen a broken bone and dislocated joint restored to normal condition and function within a few hours, and that without manipulation, splint, or bandage of any kind. I have seen a child of five years freed instantly from a congenital deformity without touch of hand or instrument. I have seen a woman, who, according to the verdict of the best medical talent, was within a few hours of death from cancer, restored to good health and spirits within a few days."

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