About four years ago I was taken seriously ill with abdominal...

About four years ago I was taken seriously ill with abdominal trouble. I then knew very little of Christian Science, but was convinced of its truth because I could see it was the religion which Jesus taught and demonstrated. My husband was bitterly opposed to Christian Science at this time, and refused to permit me to have a practitioner. A physician was called in, who pronounced my case most serious. He rushed to the telephone and told my husband to come home at once, as I must be taken immediately to the hospital, and at the same time made arrangements to have me removed to an institution of which he was head physician. He explained to me that I was to be taken where I would have the most careful nursing, and in less than a half hour I was in the hospital. I grew worse, and my suffering was so intense that I was constantly kept under the influence of opiates. After about three weeks three of the best physicians of Dayton, where we were then living, agreed that my only chance to live was through a most serious operation. I would not consent to this, as I firmly believed that Truth would heal me. The doctors said they could promise nothing, but my condition was such that without the operation and the removal of certain organs which had become diseased death would be the inevitable result. They admitted that with the operation, while I could never expect to be strong, I would have a fighting chance for life. I still refused to be operated on, and finally my husband explained to the nurses and doctors that the reason I refused the operation was because I believed in and wanted Christian Science. The nurses felt it their duty to spend considerable time with me each day, trying to persuade me that Christian Science was but the work of the devil and that I was literally committing suicide by refusing the operation. The doctors came in each day to tell me of my folly in believing such nonsense, and said they were then expecting my condition to come to a climax at any time, when it would be too late to help me. When my husband saw that I would not consent to an operation, and believing with the doctors that I could not get well, he sent for a Christian Science practitioner as a last resort, or rather, to please me. Truth had answered me, and I knew it would not fail me.

A most loving practitioner came to the hospital to see me each day, and in spite of the doctors and nurses holding the fear of death over me and talking to me about it, I grew rapidly better from the first treatment. The sixth day after having help in Christian Science I was able to dress myself and walk to the carriage and go home, although the doctors and nurses said it was the great excitement I was laboring under which enabled me to do this, and still declared it was impossible for any one in my condition to live without an operation. As one of the nurses bade me good-by, she said she would see something in the papers in a few days which would make her very sad, meaning that she would see a notice of my death. Nevertheless I continued to improve, and in two weeks was able to take a trip to Chicago to visit my sisters, and was soon stronger than I had ever been before. I now have perfect health, and can even run a sewing machine all day if I wish. My husband has come into Science, and is never without Science and Health in his pocket to read at odd moments. Truth has done many wonderful things for us, both physical and mental, and I am so glad that I am able to prove this demonstrable religion from day to day in our own home and for others. Through my understanding of Truth I have been relieved instantaneously from the pain caused by scalding water, from cuts, etc. Some time ago I was severely burned on my neck, chest, and face. I instantly realized that God is man's Life, and lo! there was no more pain. Then I knew error had no power to leave any mark on me, that Truth was with me and would prevail, and in less than two hours all trace of the burns had disappeared except one small blister.

Testimony of Healing
In reading the testimony of a sister Scientist which...
October 26, 1907

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