Christian Science and its meaning was explained last night [Sept. 12], to an audience that filled the Opera House to its capacity, by Mrs. Sue Harper Mims of Atlanta, Ga. Not only did she make clear the main theories upon which the religion is based, but also paid a high tribute to Rev. Mary Baker G. Eddy, the Founder of Christian Science. Her presentation of the truths underliving the religion was well received by the audience of fifteen hundred Christian Scientists and their friends. Mrs. Mims was introduced by Judge Septimus J. Hanna of this city, himself a Christian Science lecturer, who said in part,—

It is a teaching of Christian Science that, socially and sectionally, there is no East, no West, no North, no South. All are children of one Father and constitute a common brotherhood. I think it was the venerable Robert Collier who, introducing a Boston woman to a public audience, facetiously remarked that so proud was she of having been born in Boston she persistently refused to be born again. Not so she who is to address us this evening. Although born and reared in the southern section of our beloved country, she was not only willing but glad to be born again—when she had learned somewhat of the meaning of the new birth. Here let me say a word as to the Christian Science conception of the new birth. It is not that we must die to be born again; rather that it is possible now and here to commence being born again.

October 26, 1907

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