On reading an article in a recent magazine on the struggles...

On reading an article in a recent magazine on the struggles and trials of our dear Leader in the early days of Christian Science, it occurred to me what it all must have meant to have stood so absolutely alone as she did, and that I had not been half grateful to her who by her patient, self-sacrificing toil had accomplished that which made it possible for me to say that I am a perfectly well woman and have been for seven years; also, that by her work for divine Love I have been taught to eliminate all sense of fear from my consciousness. Ten years ago a little son came to me. From that time, for three years, until I was healed in Christian Science, I was a great sufferer from severe intermittent headaches. Our physician said there was no cure for them and that I should be thankful nothing worse came to me. At the last consultation he gave me a list of five different anodynes which I was to take in turn, note the effects, and resort to the one which gave the best promises of reaching my case. I tested them conscientiously, taking increased doses, until my husband became alarmed.

My mother had been interested in Christian Science for three years and desired me to try it. This was in the spring of I900. It did not appeal to me and I went away with my boy for the summer without acceding to my mother's suggestion. Returning in the fall even worse than when I left home, my mother again proposed that I have treatment. As I had suffered so much and was then suffering greatly, I was willing to try anything that promised relief. I began treatment and was healed in one week. It was some time, however, before I could realize that I was really free. I began a systematic and conscientious reading of Science and Health, and what has not that dear book done for me! I had never thoroughly enjoyed my son, purely from a sense of fear. I was constantly afraid he might be sick and taken away from me. I was fearful that he might be hurt, and so on, until the blessed truth came to light my path, to show me how to live, how to trust and know and understand the allness of God; that my child was under the protective wing of the Almighty and that nothing could come to injure or trouble him.

Testimony of Healing
It is four years since I first heard of Christian Science,...
October 26, 1907

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