The withdrawal of the suit in the case of Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy,...

The Watchman

The withdrawal of the suit in the case of Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy, by the attorneys of her "next friends," is a complete vindication of the sanity and competence of Mrs. Eddy, and indirectly a triumph for the Christian Science Church as an institution....

The victory and the adverstising it has received will also undoubtedly be quite an advantage to the Christian Science movement. And there is one lesson which those who are opposing Christian Science ought to learn. Those who have treated the movement as something that could be ridiculed out of existence as a foolish delusion, ought by this time to be convinced of their mistake. We are not able at all to accept the teachings of Christian Science, but we can see that it has a respectable philosophical basis in the idealistic philosophy; that it gives just importance to the influence of the mind over the body, a truth that has been neglected in medical practice and in the Christian Church in the past; that it has a strong attraction for a certain class of minds which are intelligent but not logical, and that it brings great comfort to those who are able to receive its teachings, and very often relief from real or fancied diseases. A movement of which these things can be said cannot be laughed out of existence. And the ludicrous failure of the attack upon Mrs. Eddy, and indirectly on Christian Science, should teach those who would oppose it that their efforts must be based upon a good understanding of the real character of the cult, and upon sound philosophical principles as well as true Christian doctrines. Like this lawsuit, many of the frivolous and ill-considered attacks on Christian Science have done more to help it than to hinder it.

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