A song of gladness and thanksgiving continually fills...

A song of gladness and thanksgiving continually fills my heart at the remembrance of the day and hour when God gave me a sign, absolute and convincing, that Christian Science is a religion not merely beautiful in theory, as I had previously believed, but true and practical. This sign was the almost instantaneous healing of my mother from an illness that had baffled the skill of physicians for many months, through her reading of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. I would not if I could, and could not if I would, picture the depths of despair, the hours of bitter anguish, the utter hopelessness that darkened my life in the gloomy days preceding the deliverance of my loved mother; but deliverance was close at hand. My mother turned to the "little book," and in that very hour it was plain to be seen that health was making itself manifest; in a few days she was perfectly well. The miracle had been wrought, and I knew that the power behind it was divine! Thus was I led to find out the workings of Truth for myself, and my study of Christian Science was begun.

Little did I then realize that I stood upon the threshold of heaven itself, where I was to see the glories which God "hath prepared for them that love him." I studied some time each day in Science and Health, but with housework and the preparing of a difficult program of pianoforte music for my graduation recital to take place in the following spring, etc., I found little time, comparatively, for the one study which I should later find to be the only one really worth while. I read through Science and Health, studying it carefully, committing many passages to memory, and trying to make it conform to my material mode of thinking. On this basis (the only one I knew of at that time) I thought its statements many times contradictory and I received little benefit, but still I was firm in the faith that its teaching was true, for I had seen it proven.

Testimony of Healing
Without doubt the great majority come to Christian Science...
October 26, 1907

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