Every man and woman who may be possessed of moral integrity puts forth earnest and continuous effort to speak the truth in all the affairs of life. Truth-telling is one of the first lessons of the child, and his elders guard him with the watchfulness of right precept and example until his love for truthfulness shall be so well established that no stress of temptation can make inroad upon it. A single lapse from truth-telling, in one whose character is considered formed, openly separates him from the upright, and subjects him to the natural distrust of his fellow-men. In addition to their truth-telling, mortals are urged to live open, straightforward lives, that their relations, their habits, and their dealings with their fellow-men shall be of the kind that shrink not from the light. Truth in speech and action is well recognized as the only satisfying moral standard for all men, and this without regard to their so-called religious conviction or profession.

Christian Science, as Mrs. Eddy has brought it to this generation, is announcing to mortals the necessity for a still deeper, broader truth-telling than has heretofore been known or compassed in general moral practice. The Science of Christianity, as Christ Jesus lived and practised it, demanded more than truth in speech, more than truth in action. Jesus did not instruct his disciples only in truthspeaking and truth-dealing, and leave the matter there. He urged the necessity for expressing truth in the faculties and functions of the body, as well as in word and deed; he revealed with no uncertainty that health of body is the truth about the body; that man should know enough to express this health as the direct and natural accompaniment of truth in speech and action; and he made this true health possible by revealing the source of all this good to be the one unchanging Truth, God, whose law is as applicable to the healing of the human body as to the government of all human ralations.

October 26, 1907

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